Maldives Expert Team

Hello Pristine Maldives


“ I am a Business Consultant from Poland by birth & occupation and travel expert from Maldives by heart.
7 years ago I visited Maldives for the first time and since that time I did everything to switch my European corporate life into Asian island life, winter snow into beach sand, high heels into flip flops, luxury company car into a jetski or windsurfing board and nice fluffy cat into an evil parrot.

I am based in Maafushi, Maldives – I know almost everybody and everything about the island and far beyond but as a traveller (94 countries so far) and as a Nat Geo photographer (National Geographic projects) – I managed to visit almost 100 Maldivian islands (which is still less than 10%, btw!)

It is my responsibility and commitment to make your stay in Maldives an unforgettable holiday experience of a lifetime”

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