Testimonials for Bali

John from Beijing , January 16 ,2017 –

“ Hi Dewa. Thank you for taking my friends around !They said they loved the tour .You are amazing. I gave your info to some more friends who are headed to Bali in February.”

Sandra & Carrie from USA ,February 17,2017-

“ Thanking for taking care of us and making our vacation a wonderful experience! We miss you!’

Helen , Leon, Alison from Singapore ,March19,2017-

“You made our holiday great thank you and hope to see you again too.”

Geeta from India , April 23 ,2017-

“ We had a delightful and memorable touring experience with you Pak Dewa .Look forward to visiting Bali again and exploring more of Bali with you”

Erik from France , May 2,2017-

“ My friends and me had a great time exploring the art and culture of Bali with you. We look forward to coming back soon to explore more of Bali with you. Thank you for taking good care of us”

Angela Carter from USA ,June 6 ,2017-

“ I would love to live a permanent vacation …lol! Thank you again for everything you did for us …I look forward to seeing you again next trip!! I have a people I’m sending your info…”

Steve from Australia, July 16,2017-

“ Thank you Pak Dewa , my family had an awesome experience in Bali …thanks mate …for taking us through this !Hope to see you again soon”

Devarajan and family, Dubai ,August 8,2017_

“ Thank you Dewa for making our tours so wonderful.Look forward to coming back for more of Bali!”


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