About Us

Whatever your dream vacation is, and no matter what your group size is, we are extremely excited and honored to work with you to help you plan and enjoy a memorable, enriching , relaxing and safe guided exploration of these pristine wonders . We work with professional experts in these destinations who we know personally from our years lived in these places and are with us in our endeavor with aligned beliefs and values.

We could guide you to see a particular type of fish in the sea at different times of the day, weather and season , best time and place for great memorable visits and pictures ,best activities , cuisine and entertainment to name some of the unique experiences we offer. No matter what type of experiential journey of these exotic destinations you join, our years of local knowledge and dedication to your needs make for a fun filled, safe and memorable experience exploring these pristine wonders.

‘PristinexperiencesPrivate Limited ‘ is a travel experience company based in Kerala , India providing exotic experiences in pristine destinations of the world.

The idea for this germinated from personally living for a long time in places like Maldives and Bali , experiencing the true pristine beauty of these exotic locations and feeling the need to share the best of all this with the world.

We believe Commercial tourism has been killing exploration and true memorable experiences with misplaced stereotyping without understanding individual needs of the unique YOU .

We believe you are absolutely unique and hence, entitled to satiate your unique needs.

Our dedication to your experience and enjoyment is why people return year after year to enjoy the journey with us. Read their testimonials to learn more about why we are considered one of the best providers of true memorable experiences in these exotic locations.

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